About: TADinfo is a unique veterinary data management system under open source license that is designed to provide data management and decision support to national veterinary epidemiology units. It was developed as a part of Food And Agriculture Organization of United Nations' Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animal and Plant Pests and Diseases (EMPRES) programme as an applied, practical, simple and down-to-earth software package to help veterinarians solve pressing real-life problems.

Thanks to: Bernadette Abela, Tamilla Aliyeva, Cleopas Bamhare, Mariapia Blasi, Preben Boysen, Bud P. Bruegger, Steve Brugma, Henry Burgsteden, Yves Cheneau, Pius Chilonda, Nayantara Colicchia, Diana Dennington, Do Huu Dung, Joseph Domenech, Alex Donaldson, Sergio Duffi, El Ablak, Christian Fichera, Bill Geering, Jacky Geromo, Venkatesan Govindaraju, Peter Gulliver, Christopher Hamilton, Andrew James, Anish John, Yasuko Hanaoka, Rupert Holmes, Lucia Innocenti, Samuel Jutzi, Youssouf Kabore, Akiko Kamata, Fairouz Larfaoui, Alice Lloyd, Gennaro Laera, Arnaud Le Menach, Laila Rasmy Lhor, Youssef Lhor, Juan Lubroth, Vincent Martin, Lucy Mensah, Roger Morris, Karl Morteo, Fredrik Östling, Jean-Pierre Müller, Gardner Murray, Ngo Minh Tuan, George Nipah, Mike Nunn, Andrea Pantaleoni, Roger Paskin, Carsten Potzsch, Mike Robson, Peter Roeder, Andriy Rozstalnyy, Mark Rweyemamu, Ali Safarnejad, Yi Shuai, Francis Sudi, Moises Vargas Teran, Antonella Troja, Kurt Vertucci, Vicari, Guannan Wang, Valdir Welte, Paul Whimpenny, Ahmad Yaghi, CIRAD, FIVIMS for Asia, GIEWS Workstation and Namibian Veterinary Services.